The Prize Papers Online: Atlas gives examples to showcase the richness of the Prize Papers Archive and to highlight research possibilities. It is based on sample data from two databases: Prize Papers Online (Brill) and the database created by an ESRC-funded project led by Jelle van Lottum. Scans of 199 interrogations taken from Brill’s Prize Papers Online were added to the Atlas and are freely available here. The data available on Prize Papers Online: Atlas covers the period 1775–1783.

The Map is the core of the Atlas. The advanced search options in the left-hand frame allow for searches using the AND, OR, and NOT commands. You can limit your search to crew or ship criteria, or enter criteria for both. By clicking the Interrogations result box, you limit your search results to those for which scanned interrogations have been uploaded.

The box in the left-hand top corner of the map allows you to change the perspective of your search results.